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Behind the Crown: Antonio Grandison is Mr. Junior

"Don’t just go to school and back to your room and not do anything"

WORDS: Jaden Johnson

PHOTO: Zaes Visuals

When thinking of the Royal Court, many are left with the distinguishable image of grandeur and mystique: The sight of a well-uniformed group of peers swiftly entering and exiting every school event. It's a huge part of the Clark Atlanta package deal. Although always seen, many have not taken the time to get to know who the person is behind the position.

Recently sitting down with Mr. Junior, Antonio Grandison, he prides himself, and his fellow royal court members, on being able to maintain an aura of relatability in the midst of being a student leader. When asked what he’s bringing to the position, he replied, “Sometimes people think once we get in these positions we will become a different person, but the key to being in this position is staying my true self and still being Antonio, who also is Mr. Junior.”

The emphasis on authenticity is seen in the Baltimore native’s drive and ability to rise to the occasion of being perceived by such a large audience.

“I’ve always been a people person,” Grandison said, and although admitting to facing the common childhood trials of learning self-expression, he eventually realized his unique aptitude for being in front of a crowd. “I love seeing people smile, I love making people laugh, I love being that energy," he said.

Grandison’s love of people and knack for the stage is not only seen in his student leadership, but also in his student life and outside endeavors. Currently studying as a Mass Media Arts major concentrating in Radio/TV/Film, he shared his major career goals proclaiming, “I will be an award winning actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker. My goal is definitely to dominate the entertainment industry”. His passion for creation and performance is also seen in his ventures as a Tik Tok influencer, where he has amassed an audience of over 829,000 people.

Closing out with advice, Grandison wants those at Clark Atlanta who may be struggling to find their niche or for those that just arrived, to find themselves through involvement. Rather than living in an existence of self-imposed isolation, he urges his peers to “Find an organization to join or start an organization, don’t let your college go to waste, don’t just go to school and back to your room and not do anything.”

Understanding the power of transparency and living in one’s full truth, Antonio Grandison has been able to become a well-recognized presence amongst the class of 2025.


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