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War and propaganda: The latest on Gaza

A majority of the United Nation has voted for a ceasefire—except the U.S. and Israel.

WORDS: Ellie Gay

PHOTO: Mohammaed Abubakr

What happening: The Israeli Government and IDF have been releasing videos about the war in English to sway and gain support from the Western world. The government has been purposefully referring to citizens and civilians as animals and terrorists to justify their bombing. All this has been countered by Palestinian Journalists on the ground who share the air strikes and damage to their social media. 

What we know: We know that for American journalists to enter the war territory, the news outlet they represent has to agree to submit all stories, footage, video, and pictures to the Israeli government for approval before they are aired or published. CNN is the only major news outlet known to have agreed to these terms. 

What we’ve seen: We have seen an overwhelming amount of damage and loss of civilian lives in Palestine, specifically in Gaza and the West Bank due to the large amounts of bombing coming from the IDF. Palestine has no formal military. Israel has also violated over 20 UN laws with continued support from the U.S. and other allied countries.

The complications: Millions of people across the globe have marched and held peaceful protests calling for a ceasefire, since the Hamas attack on October 7th. A majority of the UN has voted for a ceasefire. The US and Israel voted against a ceasefire, Palestine does not have representatives in the United Nations. 

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This is so heartbreaking!


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