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Pledging Kappa is a Journey of Brotherhood and Service

The pledging process is designed to shape individuals into well-rounded leaders.

Photo: Pexels

WORDS: Ajani Cheshire

What is happening? In the heart of Clark Atlanta University, a group of enthusiastic individuals are embarking on a transformative journey as they pledge Kappa Alpha Psi, a renowned fraternity dedicated to fostering brotherhood, leadership, and community service. The pledging process, a time-honored tradition, is designed to shape individuals into well-rounded leaders who contribute positively to their communities.

Where did this take place? The probate took place at the Panther stadium and members were dressed in black and red with red and white masks. They marched all the way from Carl Mary Ware to the football stadium.

What does this mean? Pledging Kappa is not just a commitment; it's an opportunity for personal growth and community engagement. Aspiring members undergo a structured process that includes team-building activities, leadership workshops, and community service initiatives. This immersive experience aims to instill values such as integrity, academic excellence, and a commitment to service.

What's required? At Clark Atlanta, pledges had to have a 3.0 GPA, and could not engage in other campus activities.


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